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The Idea

It's been a long time that I'm thinking in how to share with people what I see.

On the one hand, the great part of my works are aimed to obtain results limited to support conclusive data on a biological mechanism. These are disclosed in international meetings or published on scientific journals, shared with scientific community which looks the images with a critical and pragmatic eye.

On the other, the creative aspect, the beauty perception, the feeling are confined in certain images, not or minimally useful for scientific scope of the study, discarded because oversatured, flawed, off-topic or because an artefact distorts the scientific significance but, precisely these enclose the actual essence of the beautiful.

The intent of this project is to disclose and to share these biological artworks with people able to perceive without critical scientific filters, stopping to the appearance, letting to the mind and to the heart, the interpretation and the sensation.

 Each captured image is a picture of an istant in cells life,  unrepeatable and sole event impossible to find another one just like. Finally, the  IMPERFECTION  represents the SINGULARITY which confers the personal meaning .

foto profilo.png
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