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When a biological image goes beyond a scientific sense.

During my researcher career, I have passed a not estimable amount of hours with an eye in a window on the invisible word.

I have collected an infinity of images, mostly with the scientific intent but other only because were spectacular. Some of these are discarded because oversatured, flawed, off-topic or an artefact distorted the scientific significance but, precisely this makes them more fascinating and handsome.

When I pose a sample under the microscopy objective, like a detective, I scan and analyse each single micron of tissue in searching of a spot of wonder to capture.

Thanks to the immense technological progresses, the study in the field of microscopy has reached an impressive  evolution allowing to appreciate with a growing better resolution and precision details in the order of micron and nanometre. These new sophisticated instruments combined with highly performant methods of colouring and the sensitivity to the beauty of the researcher, give rise to the acquisition of artistic pictures.

To understand the complexity behind each single artwork, it is necessary to comprehend  how this is realized passing throughout each step of production

This first project collects artworks (NFT) that can be divided  in the following set:

FIRST LOVE –  collection of pictures representing the first organ investigated in my studies.

STARS and DARK –  pictures from micro-universe

LANDSCAPE and AMENITY – in few microns  endless landscapes

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